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How we work

Cortical will tailor make your financial business solution according to the specific needs and structures of your business, so you get a result that is your own and forms part of your businesses’ unique competitive advantage in the market.

How do we work with you?
Cortical make use of the Agile Methodology of system development. The difference between the Traditional Methodology and Cortical’s Agile Methodology is that traditional projects are plan-driven while Agile projects are customer-driven. Collecting frequent feedback from customers during the process helps ensure that features are consistently meeting customer expectations for quality and value.

Development teams using the Agile methodology are divided into functional units known as “features” and the project schedule is divided into “sprints” where the goal of a sprint is to complete the entire delivery process for a single feature.

In each sprint, developers will gather needs for that specific feature, design and code the feature, test it, get feedback from customers and test for errors before finalizing the code.

The original creators of the Agile Method identified key values central to Agile Methodology:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Business and Software problems are solved by teams of individuals interacting with each other, not by processes and tools. The Agile methodology encourages software developers to work in teams, program together, meet often and interact with each other regularly as needs arise to solve problems.

Working software over comprehensive documentation

The Agile methodology encourages development teams to minimize wasted time and effort by only producing documentation that drives value.

Responding to change by following a plan

In the Agile methodology, including frequent customer feedback loops ultimately drives user satisfaction by ensuring that development teams are delivering work that meets user needs, even as they progress.

How do I know if Cortical can help my business?

  • Are you switching between different trading platforms all day?
  • Are you manually updating trades and transactions into a separate financial system?
  • Are you manually updating trades and other information in your client portfolios?

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